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Training Through Equine Communication

Sometimes life changes your best laid out plans… I have been passionate about horses my entire life. As a child, I use to sneak under the electric fence so I could be closer to the horses. I thought they were majestic creatures that I had to be with. Even to this day, they captivate me with their mind and movement. When my father was diagnosed with dementia, I had him move in with my husband and I. Then I discovered I was finally pregnant. After trying for 10 years and multiple miscarriages, I dedicated my time and love to my growing family. Then, just as the little ones were getting ready to begin school, COVID hit. My years of waiting and preparing to get back in the saddle where halted once again. That’s when I decided to try a different approach. I started using Youtube to publish videos so I could share my knowledge with others, no matter what circumstances we all encounter. I love helping horses and people and I can’t let life’s mishaps stop me. There is always another way, this is mine.

Judi with Josephine on Czhivago

Coming in 2022

Strategies to help every rider, trainer, and horse handler how to achieve clear communication. 

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Connemara Pony Experience

Please follow me on my journey searching for a special breed of horse to be my next partner for the road ahead. Watch as I apply my philosophy of simplifying training steps and communicating to horses with body language.

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Training tips, product reviews and more.


If you want to know a horse's true nature,
look into their eyes.

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